Import all products and variants (name, text descrption & prices)
or transfer products and existing customers from your current website (Magento, Zencart, etc.)
24x7 suport by by phone until you get all running perfect

OLALA Shopping cart, Online shop version - Addictive Easy to Use

It is the most popular system and it was build based on all requests we received and implemented, from all our customers since 2009. Most of them are simple shop owners and most of them told us "I want a simple and cheap online shop".

That's OLALA Shopping Cart at its very essence but with a hidden feature, it can be changed in minutes to the most powerful ecommerce platform by simply paying the difference. All your products, customers database and settings will stay in place.

Main features included:

  • Orders, customers, products / variants (items) management
  • Newsletter system, announcements, global discounts, sliders and tools (OLALA Cart Intelli-sense)
  • An unbelievable easy to use system for both shop owners and customers.
  • Easy bulk update (prices & stock) and even connectors to accounting system (extra charges will apply)
  • You can have any goodie available in Ecommerce platform paying extra (ONE TIME FEE not subscription)

Beautiful customer experience

Online Store

One page checkout, unbeliavable easy to buy.

In production since 2016

Just imagine, as an online user you click [Add to cart] and small Shopping cart is open inviting you to check out your purchase.
Once you view your shopping cart you can see if any discount is available for you and with one click you are in checkout.
Here all you have to do is select your address, how products to be shipped and how you will pay and THAT IS ALL, one more click to confirm & pay.

Set and forget for shop owners

Online Store

As shop owner you will fall in love with admin area.

In production since 2016

We start this system with the target to make it easy and we did it. For shop owners this is the most easy to use online shop ever done.
Where do you know? Because since 2009 we use many big shopping systems and because customized many open source shopping carts. Finally we know because of our shop owner feedback / reactions after they start using it.
How many time, you as shop owner thought and tell about an online system: "I fallen in love with admin area?"

OLALA Shopping Cart "TM" is a proprietary software created and maintained by OLALA Agency.
Once you bought it you have the right to use it as long as you wish.

OLALA Shopping Cart "TM" is a proprietary software created and maintained by OLALA Agency.
Once you bought it you have the right to use it as long as you wish.

  • Hosted with us in our infrastructure in Amazon cloud: Sydney, Virginia or Frankfurt
    Your product will be setup quick, from 10 minute to 2 hours and you will get all details by email.
    After payment is confirmed will organise all as smooth as possible for you.
    Every version have its own hosting plan, see product details
  • Hosted with your hosting provider
    Even we do not recommend it, this option may be available by request.
    Why not recommended? Because hosting is critical when you run an ecommerce / online shop. Very rough it is the same as why an online account from a big provider (google, amazon, eBay etc) cannot be installed on your hosting provider.
    After payment is confirmed, you receive all setup details and our software (zip file)
    OLALA Shopping Cart is an website running on Linux, Apache/PHP/MYSQL server.
    How to check if is supported? Just ask your provider if you can install on his space WordPress or Magento. If answer is YES then all is okay.
    Getting it running is on you, any request you may have may be charged.

We continuously develop this system at no extra cost for all our customers. See development road.
Main features scheduled to be available in weeks to months:

  • Product types: custom made (made to measure) and packages
  • Super easy to use wish lists fully integrated in [Add to cart] - [Confirm & Pay] flow
  • Reviews, product compare and code redeem.

Just now we have available only one layout "Classic". See our demo.
You can change it quick: logo, colours, appearance (what & how details are presented in home page).