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Do you need just one or a few features from "Ecommerce platform" but you do not want to pay $6k?
No problem, every single "feature" can be bought separately. It is not possible to show how much exactly it is because all modules interact each other and with the core. You tell us what you need and we negotiate, you will have what you want 100%.
  $1,799 $5,999
System setup (layout colours and all you need using 400+ settings)
You can alter any of them at later stage.
All products & customers import via CSV file
Products - create & input images, description & SEO Up to 50 products Up to 600 products
Orders management
Products management (Categories, Options, Brands/Manufacturers)
Customers management
Shop admin can work in behalf of a customer
Customer is notified in real time and he can cancel this.
Customers type (military, reseller)
Stock control at variant & warehouse level, includes estimated delivery time (ETA)
Prices levels
Acess levels
Resellers listing & map location
Orders - real time price and extra rewards points negotiation per item
Files & images management
Professional web editor (included into price)
Addon - Support request & Warranties (RGA) management
Addon - Newsletter - emails/hour restrictions does not apply if externals SMTP is used up to 30 emails/hour
max 20% bounce rate
up to 120 emails/hour
max 20% bounce rate
Addon - Announcements
Addon - Global discounts applied to value products and/or shipping value
Consider: price level, day of week, country, firts order and more
Addon - Reward points programs (per price level)
Addon - Sliders
Tools - Test email system
Tools - Block/ UnBlock resources; email address or IP
Tools - SEO (sitemaps, ping, meta-title with price - task run daily)
Tools - Fix data on demand
Tools - Check products code & prices
Tools - Bulk import (customers, brands, products)
Tools - Bulk update (prices, stock, sizes & weight)
Tools - Blocked resources management (email/IP)
Shop settings & layout (400+ settings where you controll all about system layout and behaviour)
Multiple offices
Multiple websites
Multiple warehouses
Countries & taxes management
Shipping options. Australia Post
Shipping option - Flate rate, consider level of price, country/state and weight from-to
Payment options (automatically marked as paid): Charge account, Paypa, Paypal express, Wetpac
Hosting plan Amazon EC2 instance - power optimised USA or Australia from 750MB
Unlimitted traffic
from 2GB
Unlimitted traffic
Daily backup full account (files and database) in Amazon AVS storage
One year free domain name registration / transfer (if hosting with us)
Lifetime right to use (no hidden fees)
Lifetime free upgrades included for major versions
  $1,799 $5,999
  Product details Product details

OLALA Shopping Cart "TM" is a proprietary software created and maintained by OLALA Agency.
Once you bought it you have the right to use it as long as you wish.

  • Hosted with us in our infrastructure in Amazon cloud: Sydney, Virginia or Frankfurt
    Your product will be setup quick, from 10 minute to 2 hours and you will get all details by email.
    After payment is confirmed will organise all as smooth as possible for you.
    Every version have its own hosting plan, see product details
  • Hosted with your hosting provider
    Even we do not recommend it, this option may be available by request.
    Why not recommended? Because hosting is critical when you run an ecommerce / online shop. Very rough it is the same as why an online account from a big provider (google, amazon, eBay etc) cannot be installed on your hosting provider.
    After payment is confirmed, you receive all setup details and our software (zip file)
    OLALA Shopping Cart is an website running on Linux, Apache/PHP/MYSQL server.
    How to check if is supported? Just ask your provider if you can install on his space WordPress or Magento. If answer is YES then all is okay.
    Getting it running is on you, any request you may have may be charged.

"Addictive Easy to Use" and "The Power of Simplicity" are not only branding slogans, they are the essence of the OLALA Shopping Cart

  • A consumer can buy a product with 5 (five) clicks of mouse: Add to Cart, Checkout, Select Shipping, Select Payment, Pay; and he browse only 2 (pages): Cart & Checkout
  • To do all about product/variant prices i.e. Prices, Specials, Upcoming, Price break down by quantity and Stock value and settings the shop admin stay in 1 (ONE) page
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