OLALA Shopping Cart is addictive easy to use and has the power of simplicity.

OLALA Shopping Cart can be used by anyone who target online growth: from small businesses which build a showcase online store to manufacturers and warehouses which target distributors o resellers networks to spread across the world.

OLALA Shopping Cart was built to be easy handled, simple and intuitive. The challenge was to accommodate the code to the human behavior and obtaining an ecommerce that can be flexible and reliable for real world businesses. The OLALA Shopping Cart incorporate business solutions for business problems such currency variation, sell products without holding stock, multiple warehouses, support and warranties management, bulk updates for prices and stocks, multiple levels of access, multiple levels of prices and so on. Below you will find highlighted some of special features of this cart, on top of the classical features expected from an ecommerce website.

Unleash your potential. With OLALAShopping cart, you will have at your finger everything you need to sell online from product presentation to marketing and promotion tools.


Easy management

OLALAShopping cart is flexible and powerful. Make your administrator interface in the way you want it to be. Show and hide fields and functionalities at a click of a button. Customize your website to work the way you want. Each business is unique and has its needs. OLALAShopping cart will be easily customized on your needs.

To take the stress from you, we will customize the OLALAShopping cart for your business needs. And we will make sure you are fully happy. All these for a small setup fee (a small portion comparing with an ecommerce development website).

Commercial web editor

OLALAShopping cart is coming equipped with a commercial paid web editor. This editor is continuously updated to add in new features and take the JavaScript web WYSIWYG editing capabilities beyond its current limits. Unlike other ecommerce platforms which use free web editors, we invest in our cart for you to have the best possible experience and security.

Create beautiful pages with a WYSIWYG HTML Editor that enables rich text editing capabilities for your website. It is easy to use and fully documented.

Bulk import

OLALAShopping cart helps you to have a quick start. Import directly into the system and save time:

  • All your customer database
  • All brands you sell
  • All your products and any variants they may have

Using our templates, you will easy create the files to be uploaded into the system. Plus we provide you documentation to guide you step by step.

This bulk import is not only useful to get started, but any time you have to handle appreciable number of updates. Instead of losing time to add item by item manually into the system, just prepare the file as per templates provided and dump all data at once. It is easy and safe: the system will add all new records and will keep away the duplicates. All uploaded data is disabled to allow you to validate everything before going live.

Bulk update

OLALAShopping cart helps you to save time every day. Update bulk anytime a change was made outside of this system:

  • All your prices (include all price levels)
  • Stock changes
  • Postage details such weight and sizes

Using our templates, you will easy create the files to be uploaded into the system. Plus we provide you documentation to guide you step by step.

This bulk update should be a daily routine to keep the website and your accounting records up to date. It is an easy and simple operation and has the advantage of avoiding human error.

Add product variant - free style

When you have to add variants to a product, the ecommerce systems enforces their way of working. With OLALAShopping cart you can work with options(the classic way), but you can choose the freedom of building your variants without going through classic way. This "free style" feature comes handy when you import products directly into the system from an accounting (inventory) application.

Also, you can work with option and use in the same time the "free style" if this way is good for you.

Powerful marketing tools

OLALAShopping cart is built with marketing experts on its side. Marketing experts have asked for tools and code developers have delivered. From advertising banners and sliders to newsletter system and specials, global discounts, brakes down by quantities or even multi currencies price management, you have them all with OLALAShopping cart.

Using all these tool on regular basis will be an easy and rewarding experience. You will have full documentation to help you understand how easy is to use all these powerful tools.


OLALAShopping cart is coming equipped with a simple and beautiful slide. It is easy to use, fully customizable and well documented. Change the slide anytime something new is around. Or maybe you choose to showcase the most popular of your products.

Use the side to create stunning home page with great impact for your brand.


OLALAShopping cart incorporates a powerful newsletter system easy to use and manage. Communicate all your news and promotion to your customers. Keep them updated and remind them the reasons to revisit your website.

What makes this newsletter system better than others?

  • All the images used when you create the newsletter will be embedded into the email. This means that anyone open your newsletter will see it in full, without having to download the images first.
  • This system allows external SMTP and SendGrid to send email.

On special prices

OLALAShopping cart allows you to easily set the on special prices for any of the price levels. The promotion (On special) is set up at the variant level for maximum flexibility.

If you have dealers or resellers, the OLALAShopping cart allows you to negotiate with each of them the level of price they can buy from you. Based on their login credentials the system will know what price should be displayed for what user.

Using the On special feature for your product variant, you will be able to set things up way before the day of the date when the promotion will be started. The end date will stop your promotion without your intervention.

And more: you can set the special as percentage of current price. If the price will be updated, the promotion will be corrected accordingly.

The system allows an flexible span time to operate a promotion: one year.

Multi currencies prices

OLALAShopping cart can be set up to work with up to 5 base currency but only one currency can be set as default currency and it should be the same with (Website currency). All prices in checkout will be shown in the default website currency.

This means that you can have your prices (or only few of them) calculated based on other currency than your shop one. Example: You set up prices in US$ and based on exchange rates these prices will be daily computed by the system in AU$ (the default website currency) to be displayed in frontend.
The reason you may want to calculate the prices in other currency that yours, is to avoid loses due to currency fluctuations.

This feature will help you to finetune the prices to obtain maximum profitability.

Global discounts

OLALAShopping cart offers you the flexibility of global discounts at your finger.

You can set Free shipping for orders bigger that "you tell as the amount" with or without tax and specify the countries where this rule apply and everything will happen. It is easy and is quick and everything will happen as you have planned.

Site alerts

OLALAShopping cart offers you the flexibility of setting up site alerts for adverting, warnings, promotions and all kinds of announcements.

The site alerts are one time pop-ups and appear in center, in a stripe of the top page or in a stripe placed on the bottom of the stripe. You are in control where the pop up to appear. Once the user decide to close the pop-up, it will stay close. It fits the rule of aggressive marketing, but not annoying to make the user go away.

Advertising banners in the background of the website

With OLALAShopping cart you can use every tiny space or opportunity to reinforce your branding through banners.

The homepage is your playground when comes to advertising because the products pages have to keep focus of your customer. Keeping in mind that visual impact is the soul of the advertising, the background of the website when displayed on big monitors can be transformed in canvas for another banner. When the display is smaller, this banners will be hidden to avoid any obstruction. Your customer is one click away from the target.

And for a colorful ending of the home page, you can add another advertising banner which will stretch on the entire length of the screen. With links or without, these banners will showcase your products in front of the users.

Easy ordering system

OLALAShopping cart is built to make the buying experience as smooth and intuitive as possible. This system is based on business professionals requirements to reach out all people.

An easy and smooth shopping experience is the success of this system and your business at our side.

Break down by quantity

OLALAShopping cart is ready to help you setting up breaks down by quantity. This feature is available for all price levels: retail, whole sale or any dealer price. You can choose to set rules for all or just for some (or one) of the price levels.
To make your work easy, the system allows you to setup an percentage discount from the price for a certain quantity. In this way, any time the price are changed, the discounts are automatically adjusted for you. You just set and forget.

The break down by quantity is built as discount feature and there for you will need to set a starting date and an ending date of the promotion. The time span is one year long and the last setting will remain into the system for your convenience.

Back orders

OLALAShopping cart is again about business flexibility: Do you or do you not allow backorders? In case you do, with a simple global setup you unleash the power of the system in managing all products stocks and sending the messages out to the customer in case of any expected delivery delay.

Stock control is managed at the variant level to offer maximum flexibility.

Stock control

Your business strategy may be to sell only products you have in stock. OLALAShopping cart allows you to do just that. A quick global setup and nobody will be able to buy an item is not on stock. And, even more, the items in shopping card will be always updated based on stock available. Messages will be displayed on orders to alert user that its shopping card was automatically updated.

Also, Stock control include:

  • Show or hide the stock available for every single variant
  • Alert the administrator when a variant reached an minim stock
  • Create an exception by allowing backorder for a specific variant

Easy navigation - contextual icons menu

Besides having the classic category menu to browse the website, you can now with OLALAShopping cart have the freedom to build your easy navigation menu with icons displayed at the top of the website.

The icons easy navigation menu appear contextual based on where the user is into the website. In this way, even a very complicated category tree can be optimized and integrated into an icons based navigation menu. Make a complex website to appear simple in your customers eyes.

Multi addresses

OLALAShopping cart allows your customers to have multiple delivery addresses (and multiple bulling addresses) stored into the database. It will be very useful for resellers with more than one store or for customers which want their goods to be delivered at their working place.

Storing the multiple addresses into the database has benefic impact:

  • Improve customer buying experience
  • Increase the chance of customer returning to buy from you

Distributors / resellers platform

The true power of OLALAShopping cart is in the fact that it is an "out of box" Distributors / resellers platform. From predefined Distributors / resellers application to the entire logistic of working with Distributors / resellers is at your finger.

Grow your business as far as possible. Start your Distributors / resellers program because all you need is here.

Price levels

OLALAShopping cart allows you to have different distributor/ reseller groups with different selling prices based on your agreement with them and volume of sales. And to go a step further more, each distributor/ reseller may have an percent deviation from the price level he belongs.

The distributor/ reseller should be log in into the website to be recognized by the system and see his prices. Each distributor/ reseller will also see the retail and whole sale price, but not other price levels.

The price level is working at the product variant level.

This is a tool which allows you to motivate the volume buyers. Grow your sell to maximum.

Access levels

OLALAShopping cart allows you to have users with different access levels throughout the website based on their login credentials.
This feature is very useful if:

  • You sell products for military and government use and they need technical specifications and other documents to make their decision
  • You upload into the system brochures and flyers for distributors/ resellers use
  • You may unveil only basic information for general public
  • You may show a product only to a specific group of users. That product is not be displayed at all for other users groups.

The access level can be setup for each user and is working at the product level. You may set up product which are visible only to a specific group of users. Also all the files attached to a product have each granular access level. So a user which is not login to be identified by the system will not be able to see only products and attachment that have the non-login level (consumer). The consumer level is the default level into the system. All the other access level have to be created by you.

Dealers / resellers page

Becouse OLALAShopping cart is dedicated for businesses with distributors / resellers, a page dedicated to localize them even on map is a logic thing to have. The distributors / resellers page has the role to enforce distributors / resellers trust and to help them making more sales - indirect stimulating them to buy more from you.

Under the distributors / resellers page, you can choose which of them to be listed on this page. This page may have on top the map where the distributors / resellers addresses are shown.

Dealer / reseller application

OLALAShopping cart provide out of the box dealer / reseller application. With just few configuration, your website will be ready to receive new dealers or resellers and grow your business.

When a dealer / reseller send you an application, you just have to review the application and decide if you approve it or not. In case you approve it, you need to assign an price level, payment method and eventually an access level.

The system will assist you in application processing by sending automatized emails to maintain alive conversation between you and applicant.

Multi addresses

Using OLALAShopping cart dealers / resellers can store in database more than one address. This feature comes in handy if the dealer / reseller has more than one shop which have to be supplied.

Also, they can choose same address for billing as for shipping or to send the bill to another address than delivery address.

Charge account as payment method

Usually working with dealers / resellers the payments will be done accordingly with the agreement existing between you and them. OLALAShopping cart has incorporate the charge my account payment method. This means an dealer / reseller can order without paying immediately and in the same time, the person who process the orders knows that he has to deliver the order before payment was done.

Deliver directly to customer

The real life situation was again implemented as way of working in OLALAShopping cart. If an dealer / reseller place an order in the name one of their customers, you will need to send the goods to the customer and the bill to your dealer / reseller. With the order your dealer / reseller can advise you what should be done. Messages written directly on the order, will avoid confusions and misunderstandings.

Delivering directly to dealer / reseller's customer will improve and tighten the relationship between you and that dealer / reseller.

Customer service

The support module which comes with OLALAShopping cart is focused on businesses who find important to automatize parts of their daily activities. Customer support is one of the areas where the productivity is to be increased by shifting phone calls to support tickets.

Support request

Using the OLALAShopping cart you will have an easy to manage and powerful support ticket request add-on to assist you in solving everyday problems which are coming when you run a business.

The support ticket has a series of benefits such as:

  • Each problem is recorded and has a history
  • Easy identify the areas with problems and it can be used to improve the customer support practices
  • Better management of anger in case of an unhappy customer
  • The employee does not forget about a problem raised and each ticket must have a resolution.

Warranty and repairs

Most of the time, when you target dealers / resellers, you need to implement a warranty strategy to make things work smoothly. The support request add-on from OLALAShopping cart includes the Warranty and repairs area to help you manage the problems raised from defects or accidents. To make things easier for your customers, you can customize the warranty area to fit your business: an application for warranty will be submitted by user before any goods moved, and you or your staff will decide the way should be handled this warranty.

Search engine optimization

Organic search engine optimization is a priceless for any website and even more for an ecommerce website.

OLALAShopping cart is built with focus on search engine optimization.

Prefilled in metatags

OLALAShopping cart is built search engine friendly and meta tags are staying at your fingers to use them. We went few steps further yet by featuring OLALAShopping cart with autocomplete meta tags with the name of the product and offering you some comprehensive sensitive advises with common sense through our resources area.

Categories description

Any relevant content is benefic for organic search optimization and we know it. This is why we made the effort of allowing you to write category description when using the OLALAShopping cart. It looks like "old school approach", but we consider it valuable. Not only you let people know about what they will find within a category, but in the same time you tell search engines a little more about your products. From point of view of search engines, more relevant content is better than less.

The description of the category can be displayed open or hidden. Hidden means that user have to click show button to read the description, but for search engines is transparent (they see the description). It is up to you how you customize your website.

External integration

Beside an ecommerce website, you will need an accounting program to run your business. OLALAShopping cart has the ability to exchange data with MYOB AccountRight Premier 19 throughout our desktop application MYOBWebLink.

Also, with OLALAShopping cart you can use SendGrid to send out all your emails.


MYOBWebLink is an Windows application which allows the OLALAShopping cart based website to exchange data with MYOB AccountRight Premier 19.
The MYOBWebLink is a central point where you can manage MYOB customers, website customers and import orders from website into MYOB.

External SMTP and SendGrid

With OLALAShopping cart you can have setup an external SMTP server or SendGrid to send all the emails out: automated emails sent by the system and your newsletters.

Using a professional interface for sending your emails gives you the edge of professional monitoring and management for your emails database.

The SMTP configuration is easy and is based on information you receive from your SMTP server provider. Once setup, you can forget is there.

You can check if everything is correct by using the tool dedicated to email testing. Everything is smooth and worry free.

... and more

Apart of what already was mentioned, the OLALAShopping cart comes with some more special features that was requested over the years by business owner to be implemented in their ecommerce websites.

Categories with products and subcategories

Now you have the freedom to create products and subcategories in same category. The OLALAShopping cart allows you to do that and even more, you can showcase your featured products within the main category instead of listing a bunch of subcategories which have to be clicked again to unveil the products.

What to appear when click on a category is your decision to make and within secs you easy customize the website to fit your needs.

Categories show only the products

OLALAShopping cart comes with an innovative way of displaying categories content: when a user clicks on a main category which contains products and subcategories, that category will display the products only and, in same time, the category menu will open to show the subcategories within current category.
It is a smart strategy to push products in front of your customers instead of bothering them to navigate through complex categories tree. Keep in mind that the main category just opened in category menu and the subcategories can be accesses from there directly. By filling the screen with subcategories, you just double same information you can find in category menu.

If you like this idea, just do it! Allow your customers to easily find the featured products of yours.

Quote request

Another business scenario: You need a website to showcase your products, but quote request fits better your business. The OLALAShopping cart can help you to achieve this. The quote request can be used in addition to an ecommerce open to sell retail or not. If you do not sell to retail, you may choose to not show prices. Either way, the quote request will come in handy if your customers want to initiate an negotiation. No login required to request a quote.

The quote request is usually used to target government organization or resellers. It is about volume sales and an Ex-factory negotiation may be a strong point to get the deal. The Quote Request can have the Ex-factory check box with a click of mouse. Time and emails exchange will be saved with this little check box.

Brand page

Showing all the brands logos you are selling can influence the trust and buyers decisions especially when you sell well known brands. The OLALAShopping cart allows you to showcase your brands if you choose so. When a user click the products button from top menu, the page will display all the brands you sell and categories menu.

Plus all goodies of a classic ecommerce

Store Design
Professional Custom design
Horizontal menu for static pages
Vertical menu for products categories (allows unlimited number of categories)
Custom side boxes layout

Search Engine Optimization
Site maps automatically submitted every night
Per-page optimization (title, keywords, description)
Set default meta tags
SEO friendly product links
SEO friendly category links
SEO friendly page links
User friendly navigation

Orders & Checkout
Easy to use checkout
Guest checkout option
Shipping tracking status
Email order confirmation
Add multiple items to cart

Products & Merchandising
Sell products with variants (size, color, and so on)
Bulk discount quantity pricing
"Call for pricing" option
Create unlimited sub categories
Create and assign brands/manufacturers
Add products to unlimited categories
Products codes available
WYSIWYG editor for product description
Edit product description HTML directly
Live shipping quotes
Multiple pricing levels available
Enter sale price for sale events

Product Management
Setup unlimited variants per product
Set stock on hand for each product variant
Change the display order of product
Variant displayed on order and on invoice
Set low stock level warning for each product variant
Low stock reminder (email)
Enable / Disable purchasing when no stock
Upcoming products feature

Upload multiple images per product
Image optimization
Zoom on images for details

In-Store Merchandising
Full product catalog
Online checkout system
Optimized usability
Live order tracking
Email/print invoices
Customer address book

Marketing & Promotions
Promotional banners
Newsletter subscriptions
New products list
Featured products list
Special products list
Bulk discounted products list
Support requests

Payments & Shipping
Accept credit cards online
Support for secure checkout
Pay in store, cheque, bank transfer and so on
Take orders over the phone
Real time shipping quotes
Options to choose shipping type
Define your handling fees
Free shipping options

Content Management System
Full CMS functionality
100% browser based
Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor
SEO-friendly pages
Banners and promotions
Social media friendly

Customers & Groups
Flexible customer groups
Per-group discounts
Set product availability for groups
Move customers between groups
Filter customers by group
Create unlimited customer groups
Easy customer registration

OlalaShopping cart will be continuously improved and new features will be available for you. For businesses which use the cart everything will be transparent and they will be informed on updates made. Also we will take in consideration their suggestion for new features. Together we build the most powerful online marketing tool to help your business growth and prosperity.
OlalaShopping cart is a powerful ecommerce for real-life businesses.