1.3.7 / Work in progress

Estimated public release: 30 November 2017

  • To be done, (priorities changed
    Embroidery product type
    Fresh new website layout (it include product details) - for products that have colour and sizes
  • To be fimalised (may not be possible but we will do our best):
    EASY ORDERING SYSTEM for consumers and resellers: multiple carts (wish lists), quote, split orders sent to multiple suppliers and more. Easy checkout (no need registration) / 15 Nov

Not planned upgrade - fixed funtionalities issues - on demand client request


  • Front end search - clear define search by brand and by name (easy to use)
  • Admin- if description record does not exist it is automatically created when edit product details or product description (OLALA Cart Intelli sense)
  • Admin - Product SEO - Improved meta product description generation.
  • Front end - SEO - improved SEO for any page (categories, brands, products, specials etc) - Meta title build based on last search engines requirements.
  • Admin - Files and images - Edit file -> allow to find quick all products (name and ID) where that file is attached as attachment or thumbnail.
  • Stock section -> Add Estimated delivery time (ETA). It will be shown if stock control is enabled and backorder is allowed. Areas affected: Product details, Cart, Checkout, Order pdf and Admin area (Edit product variant)
  • Enforced minimum quantity that can be bought (ordered) - variant level. Affected areas: product details, cart, checkout and Admin - product variant details.
  • Admin - Customers-> Edit customer - Application cancel, default text that will be sent to customer is shown and can be changed. Default text can be anytime change in Settings & layout area.
  • Admin - Newsletter addon done - fully featured newsletter system that allows multiple lists, servers, on the flay change status content and recipients, tracking (sent/open/click), unsubscribe link and far more
  • Admin - products variants - allow bulk copy image from one variant to other variants (within the same product)
  • Security restrictions added on password recovery area (change password). Block resources to be implemented at later stage
  • Admin - products & Settings: Allow item code to be split in Product code and Variant code. Prepare for fast search by code (product code only). Made the same for supplier code : product supplier code & variant supplier code. It allows warehouse inventory jobs (items management)
  • Admin bulk update for items (price, stock and sizes) allow product code and variant code. Shop admin can set how he want to manage updates using the item code or using product & variant codes per item
  • Increase reliability of bulk update prices, stock & sizes/weight by using stock id and not item code
  • Sliders - edit slider -> allow to be shown in specific order (admin/front end work)

Bugs fixed

  • Front - Product details from product search did not shown breadcrumbs (top line) - Fixed
  • Front end - product search by code - did not search into supplier code - Fixed
  • Low stock message not shown on Yellow background in order pdf - Fixed
  • Admin-Customers- Edit - Applications approve/cancel area was not always shown even it should (conflict specific other settings values) - Fixed
  • After a bulk customers import there are customers with only one address - by default system create two addresses (require by the app to talk with MYOB - accounting program) -> error when order was created by such customer- Fixed (system regulate itself)
  • Admin - duplicate product- break by quantity and specials switches @ variant level left as in original. It creates mess if new duplicated product has special (different from original) - Fixed.
  • Categories icon enabled, if categories have icon and main image attached and icon was assigned first to a category, main image category can be assigned but in categories listing is shown icon image category - Fixed. / 09 Oct

Not planned upgrade - fixed funtionalities issues - on demand client request


  • SEO improvement - Allow shop admin to add ALT for images : products , brands categories and variants. If ALT text is not added I front end ALT text is automatically added as following -product name, brand name, category name and [product name - variant name]. ALT is added to all images in : product listing, categories & brand listings, home page listings and brand & category description (image), product details (main image, additional & variants images.
  • SEO improvement - Allow admin to generate with click of mouse: 1. Product Meta title based on Name, Model, Price and custom data. 2. Product Meta description based on name and description 3. Products Meta keywords based o name an category . The same for Category and Brand (consider category and brand name and description)

Bugs fixed

  • Admin - prod details - category product cannot be changed (error generated by last upgrade) - Fixed
  • Wrong SQL statement - generate warning in log file- Fixed
  • Admin - Add/Change image and file attached to a product not always working correct - Fixed.
  • International orders (orders where Warehouse country different from shipping destination country) were computed with TAX. - Fixed in all areas: admin, consumer and PDF's
  • When admin act in behalf of a user, he was not always able to submit user order - Fixed
  • If user double click on CONFIRM ORDER or the same was order open on two computers, a customers was able to place the same order twice and not always both with correct details. The same bad behaviour if CONFIRM was double clicked - Fixed : 1. Hide "Submit Order" button after it was clicked ( do not allow to click it multiple times) 2. Insert a final order validation about shipping and payment. 3. Disabled any possible change into order on any computer if orders was already CONFIRMED from any other computer.
  • Small layout problem in "edit" brand and category area (admin) - Fixed / 03 Oct


  • Main menu (top, just left to logo) is 100% under shop owner control. He can enable/disable any menu option, anytime. This is a huge step ahead in order to create fancy / modern layouts.
  • Eliminate @ maximum the necessity of "Empty cache" for users and shop owners when new upgrades are applied and new files must be loaded from server and not from browser or computer cache. However it is not 100% proof solution because we cannot access and change local user settings on his own computer.
  • Admin, Customers and Products. If shop has enable access levels then top switch is set to show customers and products assigned to all enabled access levels. By default was to show only those assigned to Consumers only.
  • Product listings - allow to control how may products per line to be shown. Valid values 1 to 4, apply to all listings including home slide and grid. It can be set specifically for small (phone), medium(tablets) and large(computers) screens.
  • Product listings - show / hide word "FROM" before price if applicable (multiple variants). Show / hide "ex.TAX / inc.TAX" aftre price. Apply to all listings including home slide and grid. TAX is automatically replaces with the name of TAX set up in Settings->Tax section.
  • Added new module (option menu under Tools" named "Blocked source". Shop owner can add an IP address or an email address on the "blocked source list". Nobody will be able to login, create an account, place an application or warranty if the email he is using or the IP where he is making the request is on this list.
    Shop owner can anytime delete any entry from this list => un-block that source. He can customise by yourself from admin (settings->global) the message that will be shown, a predefined one is into system .
  • Admin Customers and Products: Allow shop admin to set access levels he want to be applied checking corresponding check boxes and then apply all with a click of mouse using a new created [Apply] button. IT was: any single check box fire the filter and to change multiple level access was necessary to do this operation as many times as many level of access has to be applied.
  • Core - improved users and admin activity records: added details of any action that is recorded. Id a shop owned will act over an user details info about that action is recorded: who / what / when / from where. Prepared all for the stage when this system will be used by shop owners / their employees as "Virtual sales assistant"
  • Admin - Customers - Edit: Added Block user option. If user has not any order that was ever paid then all its details will be DELETED (undo not possible). Otherwise user will be only disabled and hidden from customers list to shop owner, in this case operation can be reversed from "Tools->Blocked sources". In both cases user cannot interact with the website in any way. Operation is recorded (activity area). There is NO email sent out to any user.
  • Admin - Customers - Edit & Listing: Improved applications area. Applications are highlighted in listing, drop down available with and number of applications new, under review and cancelled signalled. Predefined text for emails sent out (set in settings area), more text can be added (html formatted) . Emails sent out to applicant and designated shop owners any time an action related with application is done.
  • Admin products - listing and details: Add "Clone" products. All products details are copied in a new product and the new products is bring in "edit basic details". Not copied: specials, break down by quantity, images a7 attachments.
  • Admin - listing: 1)allow to jump to a category from product categories field (created link), by default products listed are ordered by ID descending so the last entered is on top. 2) Added on column with number of files attached to any product.
  • Admin details: add "delete" on top line as well (close to "clone" button)
  • Front end & Admin : allow admin to specify what should be written as place holder for search and allow front end users to clear define with a click of button if they search by product name or by code. It is applicable only if shop use "product code"
  • Admin ->Settings - Allow shop owner to set what has to display if there are not products to be shown (search, specials, new, category listing)

Bugs fixed

  • Layout issue on websites where custom css (style) is applied. Colours and background set automatically by the system based on top area background colour interferes in bad way with what user set up. Made that what we set for user in custom .css file takes precedence over the "OLALA Cart Intelli-Sense" engine.
  • In specific circumstances global value discount disable shipping discount. Fixed
  • Discount name in pdf and order details - was shown the name for shop owner and not the short name for front end users - Fixed. / 09 Sept


  • Enforced basic rule for variants that have variants with bulk discount and specials level of prices: what price is considered is based on "best price for customer but do not apply more than one discount at once"
  • Product details - front end and listing: 1) Bulk discount icon is orange to match bulk discount background colour for prices (if bulk discounts available), 2) Bulk discount tab is Orange as well, 3) Last pair "FROM-TO"  <From Qty> to <TO qty> is replaced by "More than <From Qty>" (shop owner must ensure than <TO qty>  is enough big to cover any user request, put 1,000,000 for example)   
  • Product listing - grid and Home listing (sliders and grid)- added switch in admin that allows  "price & name" area to overlay image or be under image
  • Products sliders -> home page -added switch in admin that allows admin to set slider padding (partial images to be shown on left or right of the slider) - values from 0px (not) to  as much as consider. 
  • Payment methods -> PayPal standard - add all bout PDT and IPN. Relevant messages are shown when payment is done, customer is automatically taken back to website. Even the process is stopped by the user order status will be changed automatically (if payment is successfully). 
  • Made reward points system more resilient to human error and more secure, ie. protect shop admin to lose money
    In case a user try to redeem more points that he should. For example if admin allow specific users to redeem point got from not paid orders. Classic fraud scenario when user place multiple orders or a high value one , get 10k points, place another one and redeem 10k points and then just cancel the first one.
    What was done: 1) per every reward point program shop admin can setup if an / cannot be used points from not paid orders and  how much ($) a user can redeem from points got from not paid orders. 2) in edit user area there is a switch that allows shop admin to turn off reward points program at user level. 3) in the same area shop admin can see point balance user.
    If applicable points data are shown in order listing (admin and My account)
  • SEO: 1)all invalid request coming does not receive "page not found", home page is loaded. 
  • Allow more than 255 characters in meta keywords (product details - description)
  • Shipping methods -> Added [Flat rate]. Can be set up considering : price level, Destination Country and / or State and Weight (from - to). It will be improved, add postcode and group flat rates (switches)
  • Checkout - Improvements in layout and functionality to make user to be more comfortable  on this page.
  • Tools -> Reward points: 1) Enforce redeem points restrictions: - Maximum user earned, - Maximum allowed per an order (% from products value) - Order value before shipping must be positive. 2) Added functionality : how much can be redeemed from an order (% from value products)
  • Tools-> Global discount - Added more functionality (programs extensions) 1) Included “ First order” switch in current discounts so you can apply it to products value or shipping discounts 2) Included points into both programs so you can now create promotions that include  $, points or both 

Bugs fixed

  • Product listing, cart & checkout - in specific circumstances based on user level of price and multiple variants, products with  bulk discounts and / or special prices were shown with wrong prices - Fixed
  • Bulk discounts applied  to product values were not shown in Order totals  - checkout and slight layout issue in admin area when level of prices were not in use - Fixed
  • Change account was shown on everybody does not matter has or not enable this payment method in Admin-edit customer. Fixed.
  • Points redeemed not shown in order details admin and consumer. Small layout issues in totals area. Fixed
  • Broken layout when: home page & medium and small devices & sidebar on home page & top slider on the right of sidebar. Fixed.
  • Home page : new, featured specials, etc listed in grid, price name area overlay product image -> partial transparent background  went out of image. Fixed
  • Forgot password - "Wait message" was not shown and [Submit] was not hidden after user hit [Submit] button. Very confusing. Fixed 
  • Admin -> Order edit -> Change status -> Send notification - If fail to send out email to user and / or admin warning message was not shown. Fixed  
  • Product listing - if no category / brand description and user select list style  not possible to go back to grid style. Fixed / 18 Aug


  • Addon -> Rewards points.(admin and orders)
    Multiple programs can be set, each one MUST target one and ONLY ONE price level. Points can be applied to value products before any discount, value products after discount. From Settings->Global can be enable / disabled globally all programs and can be setup if users received points for all submitted orders or only for paid ones.
  • Order details (admin and front end) and pdf:  If user price level is "rrp", and shop is with "TAX" then in product details headers and prices refer to values INC.TAX, if user has assigned a price level different of   rrp (is reseller/distributor) headers and prices refer to values EX.TAX
  • Admin , Setting->Orders: Add switch that allow shop owner to choose where to Shipping address (left or right), Billing will be on opposite side.
  • My Account - Order - View order : allow user to pay an not paid order via Westpac (if enabled)
  • If multiple levels of price & TAX payer are in use then  by default: for consumers and not logged in users are shown prices INC tax, for all other level of prices are shown prices EX TAX. It is valid for all product listings. Product details and bulk discounts area (in product details).
  • In shopping cart an checkout applied the same like above and headers clearly specify y what kind of price/value is shown  (with or without tax) id applicable (if tax payer)
  • Added contact number as being mandatory on checkout on both shipping & billing address. Warn user that an address must have mobile or phone to be considered on checkout and order to be submitted.
  • Shop owner can choose if a phone is or not mandatory on checkout - switch in settings
  • Configuration->Email SMTP, hide value from password field
  • Admin, Settings ->Reseller application:  added 3 more switches; shop owner can setup mandatory or not, Industry, Reason and Sale person
  • Checkout & Orders (admin/my account, pdf) added "Do not send invoice with goods" - useful if reseller pay and want goods to be sent direct to his customer 
  • Product request quote: two more switches in settings that allow to globally restrict submission only to logged in users. If user is not logged in then a message is shown (message can be set by shop owner as well)
  • Consumer signup, Reseller application, Military application, Product Quote request:  multiple shop owners/ stuff members can get notification via email (can be set in Settings to be  sent to multiple email addresses comma separated) 
  • Admin - variant details: 1) When set special prices for variants with multiple level of price it is not necessary to write % discount for every level of price. It is enough to write only where is applicable. At this point, on screen there are not shown all prices if you did not set % discount but all data are into database and next time when you will load that variant details all  will be shown. 2) allow to delete date. 3) If multiple variants have the same discount it is enough to fill in only one of them and then click "Send values to all variants); operation affect only ONE level of price and send date start / end as well. 3. The same done for bulk discounts. In this case is a global operation that affect all level of prices and all max/min quantities records setup per variant. See manual for details. 4) the same for prices. It will update all specials and bulk prices in all variants if applicable
  • Settings ->Home page: Special, new, featured products etc.: 1) Number of products to be shown for "show in slider" has its own switch (valid values 1 to 50). 2)Number limitation per type of product show (new, special etc.) are applied only if products are shown in grid (NOT slider)
  • Admin - Customers - Edit customer : Allow admin to setup password by his own  (password restrictions apply)
  • Password related: 1) Allow admin to set minimum password length (5 to 21 rules are applied on top) 2) Add message (processing) and hide submit button in: My account-> Reset password, Sign In, Sign Up, Reseller & Military application

Bugs fixed

  • Bug reported 03aug17 12:30pm - phone - variants listing
  • Variants listing – not shown all variants. Pagination module not applied to this area. Fixed.
  • Changed 10 records limitation in all listing admin area - was set in development stage). Set to 50.
  • Global discount module : Altered system function name, input type date not supported in Chrome and Edge browsers, wrong name for input type date.- Fixed all
  • Order -> My account, Admin area and pdfs - when order has discounts, discounts were not shown even were recorded correct into database, Fixed
  • On price update if user source file contains prices that contains any kind of symbol except DOT and NUMBERS then that price will INCORECT updated. Included warned in docs, work in progress (allow formatted prices)
  • In specific circumstances on checkout missing street address was not shown as error in Shipping address area and  ambiguous error was shown on "Submit order".  - Fixed 
  • Order details, admin, frontend and PDF: product price was not shown- fixed & improve, see "Improvements"
  • Westpac - sometimes, ref no. too long - not  always  able to process payments - Fixed
  • On product listing (brand or category),  no category/brand  description & switch to : "LIST view", not possible to go back to "GRID view" - fixed.
  • If a variant of a product has special or bulk discount only for one level of price product was shown as "On special/bulk discounted" for all level all users does not matter of their level of prices  or if was a guest user. Prices were correct but information shown were ambiguous. Fixed. Promotion is shown only to relevant users.
  • Based on  "Admin - variant details" improvements a few issue appeared in Intelli- sense (fix input human errors in products/variants area). Fixed all and made system better/more resilient. 
  • Admin - Customers - Edit customer 1) Fixed error related with "admin reset user password" - email was not sent to admin. 2) Invalid data in user activity area - fixed / 28 July


  • Admin: Customers, Products, Options
  • Filesystem and code library - delete files and details not necessary (from previous changes done)
  • Product details - Additional images slider - added option to choose navigation : dost and/or arrows. Default - dots
  • Product listing - allow Brand description and image to be shown (if enabled in backend)
  • After change Product listing -> What products you wish to be shown as "New", system automatically set the flag "New product" accordingly.
  • Set the new layout/functionality  for like products, categories etc. for Global discount, Shipping methods and Payment options.
  • Addon -> Global discounts totally redone. There are two categories: applied to products value and to shipping value. Can be in value/percent, allow interval, allow multiple constraints: day of week, time interval, countries and price level.
  • Addon -> Rewards points. Admin area and partial front end. Not yet enable to you.
  • Addons -> Gift certificates & coupons: database and partial admin area . Not yet enable to you.

Above two coming next upgrade in August.

  • Localization is started, the Italian version will be the first non-English implementation.

Bug fixes:

  • Admin - Edit variant - prices areas - fields related wit tax were shown even the shop was set "NO TAX PAYER" - fixed
  • Admin - Wrong setting name in Servicing - fixed
  • Admin - Spelling mistake : Prices break down => Prices break down
  • Admin - Variant details - If you have more than one variants and you delete all of them except one the system did not show hide automatically variant name - it is not shown and not relevant but you may need to change it - Fixed - Message warn you that name is NOT in use for this specific circumstance
  • Admin - product details - If you use brands for one or more products and then set "NOT USE BRANDS" switch you are not able to un-using a brand from a product. - Fixed. Brand selector and brand drop down are shown and available admin as long as any brand is assigned to one or more products
  • Featured product - not shown into sidebar even it was set to be shown - fixed
  • Front end - product details - multiply images create dysfunctionality sometimes, JavaScript library does not finish loading. Took out "fill additional image area with images" - now any additional image is shown only once, if there are more images than can be shown consumer can browse through them (on mobile just frag slider)
  • Footer - allow empty value for Contact email, if empty  email detail ill not be shown
  • Bulk Import and update area: if previous operation has error and or success and the next operation has not one of previous files then the previous one was shown as a Success or error results  - False - Fixed
  • Take out strict reference to "image" in "Brow / Upload because now system allows more files type not only images
  • If attach image to a product, the image size (WxH) was not shown immediately in attached  files list - fixes.
  • Spelling mistake attachment - multiple areas - fixed   
  • Company was restricted to 16 characters in multiple areas (My account) - Fixed, allow 254 characters
  • Upcoming icon was not shown in: Home listing sliders and non sliders,  product category listing - Fixed
  • New "featured" icons were not applied to Cart and checkout. - Fixed
  • Checkout and cart : left as icons only Free shipping and Upcoming - take out bulk discount and special icons because prices shown are more relevant,
  • Spelling mistake in Settings., multiple areas: "aftre","baground","Waranty","succesfully" . Fixed
  • Fix ambiguous/wrong variable name in Settings - Servicing area / 04 July


  • Front end:
    • Allow user to change background colour for header and all options top menu colour are automatically adjusted
    • Revamp all in home page, product listings and product description:
      • Added sliders for Ne, Special, Featured etc in home page and allow admin to select how all will be shown: slider or grid
      • Allow admin to select at item level what to be shown in "Links area" side bar
      • Allow user to add Face book stream in sidebar
      •  Added sliders in additional images
    • Changed core listing - replace all listings with Grid system (last technology allow  low perfect look on mobile devices) while your website is still shown correct in previous generation of browser (Internet explorer 9)

However by the end of this year IE9 will not be supported anymore.

  • All front end layouts was redone - all images are bigger and icons are consistent an all website areas.

Bug fixes:

  • Front end
    • - Mobile - main menu - under slide
    • Home page: No of items shown for special, new etc. did not consider values setup in admin settings
  • Admin
    • Settings - two switches with wrong type - fixed / 28 June


  • Add GTIN (Global Trade Item Number to variants, include switch use/not use in settings

It will be used to generate/print barcode for any item

  • Product bulk import:
    • Included product code and GTIN into bulk import products
    • Included tax and tax value(%) - new switch allow admin to select what [Tax ] he want to use: global or per product from csv file used.

Bug fixes:

  • [Product add] was missing =fixed
  • On delete / edit details product - filters reset and admin / shop owner loos previous filters - fixed

1.3.5 / 18 May


  • Addon -> Sliders
    • Finalized admin area
    • Change front end slider to  allow HTML text into every slide. You can even YT videos.
    • Database is ready to manage 6 areas where sliders can be used.
  • SEO improvements
    • Home page title and description & keywords  are under admin control via Settings->SEO
    • About , Contact & resellers page are automatically created using Home page meta tags, see above
    • Use Hope page title in every single page related with products
  • Scheduled job run via server "cron based mechanism ". Preparation for  newsletter. This is the single reliable way  to run specific jobs at specific times
  • Admin - Change top right menu: take out all about front end menu except [Home] and [Logout] - new window open and added link to OLALA Shopping cart docs (new window open). More to come here.
  • Newsletter
  • Admin - Files - redone layout & functionality :
    • allow  management  for compressed files: .zip (windows) and .gz (apple /linux)
    • included very last web technology: fluid pagination + bootstrap and edit details in "pop up"  
  • Admin - Orders - redone layout - included very last web technology: fluid pagination + bootstrap and edit details in "pop up"
  • Front end - Orders includes add very last web technology: fluid pagination.
  • Admin: Orders, Customers, Brands, Categories, Options and Products 
    • redone layout - included very last web technology: fluid pagination + bootstrap
    • edit details - redone: in "pop up", on close automatically update listing and does not reload current page -> it means after edit an item admin is in exactly the same position.
  • Admin - Categories
    • allow management of icon top images (if it is enabled) and automatically set an image as main if it is the single image attached
    • Always main image is on top
  • Customers :   Added "Customer code" - to be use when creating "custom variant code" when importing orders in accounting. Applicable if product you sell is customised for example: custom made suits or items with embroidery
  • Products :   Added "Product code" - to be use when creating "custom variant code" when importing orders in accounting.  Applicable if  your accounting is / will be done using [Product code]-[Variant/item code]

Your product code may start with  an abbreviation for product supplier. 

Bug fixes:

  • Upgraded the website editor to last version. It works now nicely with twitter bootstrap.
  • Reseller page was empty - Previous upgrade broke functionality - fixed.
  • Admin customers - pagination listing fixed
  • Admin product options - Options name could not be updated - fixed
  • Admin product details
    • Variants prices: the 6th level of price not possible to set - fixed
    • Basic Details : incorrect tax value when switch from "with tax" no tax and back to "with tax" - fixed / 17 Apr


  • Tools -> Maintenance:
    • Added " get products with 0 (zero) price"
    • Add check product codes (find items that use the same  code and with no code) - Product code is the unique identifier that allow bulk operations on products.
  • Product details - name of label for "Brand/Manufacturer" can be setup in admin.
  • Sign in - added two more switches in [Settings & Layout] that allow a message to be shown just above [Sign In] button. Useful when you  transfer an old system to a new one based on OLALA shopping core. Default message instruct old customers to reset their password.
  • Place holder - search box - front end: does not refer "product code" if [Use product code] is disabled in [Settings & layout]->[Products] , admin area
  • Admin - change "shop at a glance" to Overview,  took out "Options - variants" (not relevant from marketing/ financial perspective) and prepare area for visual representations (graphs)
  • Reorganize the admin left menu:
    • add new section "Addons"
    • Moved here  "Support requests",  "Global discounts" and Newsletter
    • Added new  section: Site alerts & Sliders )will be taken out from Settings and layout - make far more flexible and usable)
    • Create/adjust database structure for: Newsletter, Site alerts & Sidebars 
  • Admin - settings & customers: Take out any relation between "resellers & military"(generic names) and Access levels. It was confusing. It is defined a new term; account type that can be: consumer, reseller and military. See docs for full details. It classify users based their details & show or on  reseller page. Access level is strictly related with what data a user can see and price level is about prices an user can buy.
  • Home page - Featured, New etc.
    • added links to corresponding listings.
    • All are ordered by date when were crated (last one  it is shown the first)

Bug fixes:

  • Update NZ states- fix one zone name spelling and add one zone.
  • Small fix in layout - top area on product details - description
  • Take out from customer details - admin (until will be fully implemented) all about : points, default shipping & base currency. 
  • Fixed many spelling mistakes - settings - database
  • Delete not in use settings - database
  • Footer home page:
    • allow auto for height (full loaded text went over very bottom line)
    • Skype name was not shown even it was setup in settings
    • Changed Contact US  with Contact Us
  • Product listing - category description not shown for when open a subcategory (subcategory can have products or other subcategories) - fixed, category description is shown for all categories and subcategories.
  • Settings - show / not show quote request was not considered in backend and front end - fixed. / 12 Apr


  • Product details - front end - added "share buttons on major social media networks"
  • Add SEO metatags for specials, new, featured, bulk discounted, upcoming & free shipping pages
  • Add model and unit measure to product details. They can be used or not based on value of corresponding switches (Settings->Products)
  • Brand, model & unit  measure are shown in product details (front end) in description tab (if enabled in admin area and values are given, otherwise not shown)

Bug fixes:

  •  Breadcrumb (navigation -top) was empty if you land in product details from cart or search. Because a product can be shown in multiple categories (virtually unlimited)  no possible to show in this area all of them. Will be shown only product name. It will be improved based on users feedback.
  • Currency selector was shown on mobile devices with very small and small screen and overlap categories menu - fixed;
  • Search box overlap category icon menu on very mobile small screens - fixed
  • If a category was disabled products under that category were still visible to website users in home page : new, specials, quantity breakdown price & featured - fixed
  • Product details - multiple variants - variants not shown as "show order"  setup in admin - fixed
  • Postage computation - Australia post - Domestic - If one of the values for weight or any size are ZERO, shipping is estimated based on default values from  values from: Shipping options - Australia Post (it was NOT), Computation error is received only for uncaught computations or faulty connection with Aust servers. / 30 Mar


  • Allow consumers who did not bought a product direct from website to place repair/replacement. This is useful when shop has resellers and products are sold via resellers shops or websites. An account is automatically created for any user who use the system in this way.

Create a new section under [Shop configuration]->[Settings & layout] named [Servicing] It allows to manage behaviour and all messages related with above.

  • Replace the "send out emails" addon with a new one. All emails are sent using SMPT protocol. System is more reliable, less probable emails sent out to go in SMAP/JANK folder and allow embedded images into email body => on recipient side all emails will load images native when email is open. (very useful for newsletter module that will be available in version 1.3.5 (next weeks)
  • Create a new section under [Tools]->[Maintenance] named [Check email (system can sent out emails or not) ] and one under   [Shop configuration]->[Settings & layout] named Email smtp configuration]. Both allow to manage all about send out email via SMTP and to test if the sending out email is working (include debug parameters). Can be use as SMTP server any mail server including Google (gmail)
  • Sign up, Reseller application, Reseller application
    • Move password tooltip from top (it obstructs field value above)  the left.
    • Email address is checked after email field is left: is email already in use and it is valid email address format
    • After signup or place an application, the form that was submitted is hidden and clear message of what user should do is shown or user is redirected as per settings set in admin area.
  • Product listing - select a category : you can show or not category description, category image is shown only if exist.  Category description can be collapsed in or out. All fully manageable from admin area
  • Changes layout & functionality of settings area: database, content, functionality & layout - allow granular control over type of settings and make it more human (shop admin can  manage very easy 320 website settings, there will be more)  

Bug fixes:

  • Shop Configuration -> Settings & layout => initial load was long and some browser shown "un responsive script" message. Fixed.
  • My account - If user is military he could not access "Military details". Fixed
  • Admin - Orders list - orders no shown to shop admin - Fixed (bug generated by previous changes into database structure)
  • Signup, Reseller application & Military application area:
    • Ambiguous information on rights side - fixed
    • Spelling mistake and ambiguous  settings name (redirection area) - fixed
    • Wrong redirection (it was page reload not redirect to  other page as per settings info and data) - Fixed. / 23 Mar


  • Add [warranty & repairs] as addon to [Support requests] module
  • Admin - customers list - add Access level, Access levels columns are shown or not based on  global settings use/not  use access level / price levels
  • Admin - customer details - all data about price level and access level are shown or not based on number of price/access levels set and based on  global settings use/not  use access level / price levels. Move common data (right side) on top.
  • Start "bulk processing" - admin area )products, categories, files)
  • SEO - improve home page listing from search engines robots (all in this page is coming in conventional way not via asynchronous requests)

Bug fixes:

  • Sidebar- if categories have not setup "show order"  they were order by #ID - now if sort order is missing they are sorted by category name (alphabetically)
  • Admin - products details - fixed behaviour about variants prices if you switch a product from "with TAX/ with NO TAX)
  • Front end & admin - support - create support request - select order, were shown in drop down orders of all consumers - should be only current user orders. Fixed.
  •  Admin - support requests - shop owner cannot see support request list if he act like a consumer in front end  - Fixed.
  • If "Do not buy" or "do not show prices" was sent ON in admin - Home page : new, specials etc show prices -> Fixed, prices are not shown.
  • Site wide - modal box (pop up widow) that allow collect and process data in multiple areas did not allow scroll into the box in specific circumstances (browser/OS) - Fixed.
  • Reset password - after user press [Rest password] button, a message was shown but what happened it was ambiguous because user may not notice the message. Now all reset password area is cleared and a relevant message is shown.
  • Admin - customer detail - take out temporary "rewards point" data - module is not implemented in checkout (not finalised yet)
  • Admin- add product - if global settings about TAX is set TAX = 1 ad value tax = 10% for example, tax percent value was NOT set to new created product - Fixed

1.3.4 / 04 Mar


  • Support tickets - front end and admin - finished.

Made this module to be able to support any further requests, it integrates all about conversation with website customers regarding orders.

  • Added granular control for maintenance mode or if you wish to disable "buy": if "Disable buy" = 1 you can set do not show prices : set "Do not show prices = 1". This switch is "global", overwrite anything else and is considered only if "Disable buy" = 1.

To allow people to buy some products and do not buy other then set "Call for price" @ product level

  • Allow shop admins to have (on top of administrative rights) exactly  the same behaviour like any normal consumer: they can have specific access level & price level, add to cart and place orders and can see "my account area". Extremely useful if they want to see front end from different access levels and prices.
  • Admin - Orders - Search by date - allow to search filling in only start or only  end date.
  • Checkout - After order is submitted user is not taken to checkout if  a second identity and validity order checks fail. To external payment gateway is sent the order unique identifier and not only order no. It will help to identify for real the order and know exactly if however someone try to make a face payment.
  • Add mode details to help shop owner to fill in "settings" details:
    • Countries and taxes:

Currencies computations depend of datils below.

If you have business registered in multiple countries please fill in [Apply tax], [Tax name] and [Tax %] if you are TAX payer in any of these countries.

If you are TAX payer (VAT,GST, etc.) in a specific country all users from that country who will purchase products from a warehouses located the country, will be charged with TAX.

Otherwise they will not be charged with TAX.

  • Websites:

Currencies computations and date/time related data depend of datils below.

Country and state here are where your company is registered.

If you are TAX payer (VAT,GST, etc.) all users from this location (country/state) who will purchase products from a warehouses located the same location, will be charged with TAX.

Otherwise they will not be charged with TAX.

  • Admin- Tools - Bulk price update: automatically fix possible human errors related with TAX (system automatically fix not only prices but TAX value (%) based on "has/has not" TAX value in source csv file )
  • Home - top slide - It is fully configurable:  show more than one image per slide, speed, autopay timer, show/not show navigation dots & arrows
  • Footer fully customisable (show hide most of links from Information, Customer service, Extras and My account
  • Admin - product edit - added a switch so you can hide/show [Quote request]  tab for any product, anytime.

If you disable this tab globally in settings then this switch is not shown at all.

Bug fixes:

  • Footer Pinterest icon not shown - Fixed
  • Global (admin and front end) -
    • if products has NO TAX


  • value inherited into database from bulk price update or because shop set with TAX and on product creation it was set with  TAX


  • All computation ignored "NO TAX" flag of this product and all prices were shown "WITH TAX"
  • Front end - Unusual long product name (>90 characters)  create mess in layout in product listing - grid - Fixed.
  • Two debug checkpoints left active one in front end and one in backend. Took them out.
  • Footer - Help & Support - user not login pointed to home page , made it to point to login page (only logged in users can use this area
  • Home top slide - fix the background (it was transparent and when left/side images were shown it was messy layout.
  • Product details, some products did not shown [Quote request tab] - Fixed. / 02 Mar


Add "Amazon web services" line in footer - increase trust.

Bug fixes:

  • Admin - Edit product -  Options:
    • Cannot delete an option value assigned to current product if that option was in use by any other product - Fixed (an option value cannot be delete only if it is in use on current product - is un-assigned from that product)
    • If options value name of two different option were the same for example : Option = COLOR has an option value = BLUE and option = Background colour has an option value = BLUE then was a totally mess when was about adding both Options with the same option value name to a product. - Fixed You can have now a product with: Colour: BLUE and Background colour: BLUE
  • Front end - if "show sidebar on home page" was setup FALSE - the [categories] button was shown however on mobile devices. When user land in home page and click on it and nothing happen (error) because that area was disabled. I took out this button in this specific circumstances. User use top right menu button to navigate.
  • Reseller and military application confirmation email was sent to website_admin_email - Fixed.
  • Quote request was not finalised - quote request data was stored in database but emails were not sent out (build email templates and finalised emails sent out). Checked - all is good now.

1.3.3 / 23 Feb


  • Add Payway - Westpac payment gateway
  • Allow to show / hide currencies selector (header)
  • Add Support & Help quick link in footer
  • Allow to show hide most links from footer area: shipping, new, special, featured, bulk discounted, upcoming and order history & support
  • Set new switches to quick allow/disable login & registrations (overwrite granular access to signup and registration for users, resellers and military)
    • Allow login only for shop admin
    • Enable disable global user registrations and applications
  • Allow user to customise footer and add his SSL provider logo, website must have an setup SSL (all data transfer between website and user browser has to be encrypted)

Bug fixes

  • Admin - Product details - if product is marked as "have tax" the filed "tax value" on screen had value taken from "settings" but into database was zero. - Error generated by buggy "price import" and/or "product creation" - Fixed all areas: product details, import , product create.
  • Take out "Add to cart" from home listing (specials, new …) make it like in product listing - avoid problems related with top button summary cart and products with variants.
  • Consistency - Footer - change: Bulk discounted to Bulk Discounts, Upcoming  to Upcoming Products / 22 Feb


  1. Make access level system more coherent:
    1. "Consumer" access level is predefined and cannot be deleted. It is automatically assigned to any user when user is created.
    2. A user can have assigned at a moment of time ONE only access level. 
    3. A products or a document attached to a product can have assigned ONE OR MORE access levels, it means that product or document can be visible to users that has assigned different access levels.
    4. To be visible to not logged in users, a product must be made visible to "Consumer" (have assigned consumer access level.

Bug fixes

  1. Show product files/documents attached did not consider document level of visibility (access level) - fixed

1.3.2 / 13 Feb (end rollout)


  1. Add on " Top icons categories" (front end and backend)
  • Can be disabled / enabled -> changes in admin area categories listing and category details
  • Being enabled:
    • icons can be shown or not in front end
    • There are two modes:
      • static icons(& links);  the same for all pages and does not matter if it is selected a category with subcategories, with products or product details
      • Dynamic; top icons are different based on what page / category user select
  • Being disabled, does not matter what was setup in categories area icons are not shown
  1. Add new switches (improve functionality):
  • Sidebar can be shown or not on home page
  • Big (wide screen) image to be show just above footer
  1. Allow extra html content to be added just above and under home page content (at this moment it needs our assistance)
  2. Enable Military applications (settings)
  3. Sign up, apply for reseller and apply for military account - system capture and store IP where user perform this action.
  4. Admin - customer details:
  • Compact address area and allow admin to see all addresses used by the consumer (were shown only the first two)
  • Show :
    • the IP The where user signup, includes a link to retrieve geo location of that IP (details and map location) -useful to compare with shipping/billing - anti fraud.
    •  last order details (no., date, status, value and link to order pfd
    • No and total value of orders (status: paid, shipped and received by consumers) and link to orders of current customer
    •  how many times customer  login into the system
    • Last login: date & time, from what IP and link to details about that IP 
    • Shop owner can reset user password, emails are sent out to both user and shop owner and action is recorded (includes date/time, the IP and who reset password)
    • Add military details
    • Add reseller details
    • Add all data related with reseller page including map (if enabled in settings)
  • Admin - Shop configuration->offices, websites, warehouses:  write details about how to get lat/lon for contact page, google map and how to disable google map on contact page, get time zone and give brief details about what means access level and price level
  1. Admin - [Shop configuration] - Settings - Multiple improvements, make easy to understand and set switches and values (signup, applications, global and more
  2. Front end - My account
  • Add company to profile details area
  1. Front end (global) - add option to hide / show line just above footer
  2. Front end - Contact page - add option to send contact form without any protection against spammers

Bug fixes

  1. Site wide - wrong access level per user computation - fixed
  2. Query database error on "Fix products breakdownbyqty filed" - fixed.
  3. Emails sent out - broken links for password reset, sign in and sign up - fixed.
  4. Admin -Sort by and way to show products (listing) were displayed and have no functionality when subcategories of a category were listed - Fixed (they are shown only when products are listed)
    • Subcategories listed were sorted by category name - different order from those in sidebar. - Fixed. Are sorted by category order (set in admin) , the same order -> sort by name, ascending
  5. Admin - Price level - "Consumer" access level cannot be changed/deleted (it was possible). It come preloaded.
  6. Admin - ambiguous option name in [customers] All users (enabled & disabled) changed to  [All statuses]
  7. Admin - when delete option and option value, the  system did not check if it is or not in use (products variants)  - fixed, error message is shown if applicable.
  8. Front end - if a link to a product is known, a user can see it does not matter if it is disable or he has no access level to see it.  It is fixed (admin can see it in any circumstances - allow product preview before making it enabled for example)
  9. Front - My account - reseller - update,  was obsolete code.
  10. Fixed spelling mistake "This" to "This"

Known bugs/under development areas (none of them is critical)

  1. Admin - customers - listing buggy - does not search in customers, problem if more than 50 customers - high priority bug, will be fixed next days. - Temporary fix - list all users (no pagination).
  1. Product additional images - Number of additional images shown on mobile = 4 and or desktop =6 (scrolling slide is under development).

Finally it will include one video (from YouTube)

  1. Admin - file attached to product - If you attach a PDF document and if you wish that in frontend the default "pdf image" to be replaced by your image you cannot upload that image in this area. To work around please go to Files and images - admin main menu, upload your image and then come in product files area , select your document, find the uploaded image and click on [Set] button.
  1. When applying for reseller or military user must be able to use his current email address (DO not be required to create a new account)
  2. If Home page is set - "no sidebar", when turn a mobile device from portrait to landscape active width area does not adjust. To show correct,  home page has to be reloaded.

1.3.1 / 07 Jan (rollout)

Known bugs/under development areas:

  • Product additional images - Number of additional images shown on mobile = 4 and or desktop =6 (scrolling slide is under development).

Finally it will include one video (from YouTube)

  • Admin - file attached to product - If you attach a PDF document and if you wish that in frontend the default "pdf image" to be replaced by your image you cannot upload that image in this area. To work around please go to Files and images - admin main menu, upload your image and then come in product files area , select your document, find the uploaded image and click on [Set] button.

Improvements / Addons

  • Front end - Product details
    • Variants area - improve layout (balanced all items)
    • Main image product - improve layout
    • Home page allow background image or colour to be set for main content sides areas
    • User know how many items from a product / variant are already in cart
    • Tabs area (descriptions, specifications  etc) hide anything that user insert and go over device wide allocated area.  Keep layout under control.
  • Font end - header cart :
    • Add total  quantity in cart (see settings)
    • Cart summary show full details about every item in cart: product name, variant name and SKU
  • Front end -  header - improve layout (balanced all elements)
  • Front end - if category has no image the image of the first product that has image assigned is shown.
  • Admin - Product details - allow to select or not supplier currency if shop owner select to use (it  was default shop default currency)
  • Admin - product edit - details - [upcoming date] was always shown - now it is shown only if you set [show upcoming] true
  • Admin - configuration
    • Global discounts - Free Shipping - Add Restrictions - can be applied to specific countries
    • Increase no of additional product image to 10 (from 5) - only
    • Add setting
      • allow shop admin to setup text colour of phone number (top header)
      •  home page slide can be set in 3 positions: right to sidebar, above sidebar in layout wrap,  above sidebar screen wide. One image per side can be attached (include links)
      • Cart area - what to show in variants listing in front end if variant image is not set : nothing, generic image "no image" or main product image
      • Cart area - set cart icon colour and background colour
      • Use stock control and messages - global switch. If set "false"  then stock control and messages ae disabled in product details, cart, checkout and order (include pdf)
  • Admin - Maintenance - Products - Fix listing issues (new, featured, specials etc.): improved functionality

1) Disable all products that have not any variant enabled

2) Update "is_new" product switch in all products based on value set in [Settings]>->[Products listing]->[Products marked as new ]

3)Set "upcoming" product switch in all products as following:

- Switch "Upcoming" @ product level (per every product) set on "NO" take precedence over upcoming date

- Set as NOT upcoming only those products set as upcoming but with upcoming date current date or in the past

- All products set as NOT upcoming stay always unchanged

4) Set "on special" product switch in all products as following:

- Switch "On special" @ variant level (per every products variant) set on "NO" take precedence over special dates: start & end - Set as variant "On special" OFF only those variants if current date is out of interval start / end setup for that variant (when that "On special" is valid)

- Set as product "On special" OFF only those products that has not any variant enabled and with "On special" set ON

- All products that have "On special" OFF stay always unchanged.

5) Set "break down by qty" product switch in all products as following:

- Switch "Breakdown price by Qty" @ variant level (per every products variant) set on "NO" take precedence over Breakdown dates: start & end

- Sets as variant "Breakdown price by Qty" OFF only those variants if:

 . current date is out of interval start / end setup for that variant (when that "Breakdown price by Qty" is valid)


 . there is no quantity range setup for this "Breakdown price by Qty"

- Sets as product "Breakdown price by Qty" OFF only those products that has not any variant enabled and with "Breakdown price by Qty" set ON

- All products that have "Breakdown price by Qty" OFF stay always unchanged.


  • Admin area - Multiple spelling mistakes
  • Admin categories:
    • can be edited any category (not only the first 8)
    • Listing - was shown the first image and not the main category image - fixed
  • Admin listing - was shown the first image and not the main category image - fixed
  • Admin brand - can be edited any brand (not only the first 8)
  • Admin variants - currency symbol in variants listing was wrong - fixed
  • Admin - files - file title not shown in listing - fixed
  • Admin - customers - select default shipping method  was not working due previous database change - fixed
  • Admin - search in categories was case sensitive - it is case insensitive
  • Admin - Way to create product variants was not implemented in "products area" and Product options was always accessible - fixed
  • Admin - product variants 
    • did not accept double quote (") in variants name - fixed. Variants name can contain /,' and "
    • Beak down by qty area ->layout
  • Admin - product edit -all areas - product preview was not working - fixed
  • Admin - if category is deleted, its data stay on screen. Fixed, after deletion you are taken to listing (filters & search are kept)
  • Resellers page was accessible even the reseller application was disabled. Add new switch in Shop configuration->Settings & layout and fix it.
  • When  a consumer place an order / try to pay an order he was not redirected to Paypal or "thank you" page. Bug generated by multiple  changes related with shipping/payment  modules - fixed
  • Take out [Add to cart] from product listing - it creates confusions and most important it is not possible to write in such small area all messages about stock management (low stock are delivery delays etc..)
  • Fixed subcategories listed under a category. Were listed all subcategories regardless access level or "has or not products enabled"
  • Fixed header - social media area (there were broken images)
  • Product details
    • on click on additional images or variants images main image was reduced - fixed
    • Resource tab - file title not shown- fixed
  • Sidebar - title for "new, featured, specials … " box has tile as it is input in Admin -Settings-Sidebar area (was shown an integer 0/1)
  • Orders details (front end & admin area) and order pdfs 0 add what shipping method was selected by customer during checkout (not only shipping value)