1.3 / 31 Dec (rollout)

Improvements / Addons

  • Admin edit product:
    •  automatic SEO metatags are created for any product, category and brand based on product, category & brand name. Meta title, keywords and description can be improved (change it).
  • Admin - Shop configuration:  more easy to understand/use and consistent as following
    • Take out [Modules] area - not relevant for shop owner
    • Created 3 distinct options menus: [Shipping options], [Payment options] and [Global discount]
    • Eliminate all data redundancy in admin menu
    • Prepared database to allow shop owner to manage front end menus (user logged in or not)
  • Admin - Customers :
    • Allow filter by price level
    • Show price level in list
  • Admin - Products :
    •  Added [Preview] button in listing and details - new window open with product details in front end . Products is preview with the access level shop admin has assigned to himself. If not enable it is not shown.
  • Admin -Configuration - Currencies :
    • Write basic details how to use this area
  • Admin - Create new area [External APIs (codes)]
    • Allow shop owner to manage all tracking codes : google, Microsoft and more - SEO stuff.
    • Included into system Google analytics. However these codes must be generated by the shop owner on Google platform.
  • Admin - Maintenance - Create new area [SEO - Create, update and submit (using "ping") shop sitemaps ]:
    • Shop owner can create on demand and submit to Bing and Google sitemaps on for : products, categories &  brands. The robot.txt is created as well (for Ask search engine).

All details about manual submission and website monitoring via Webmaster tools are provided

  • Front end - Shipping estimation (cart not logged in, checkout, order pdf):
    • Changes to include new create shipping module/option (Store pickup) and allow easy to include further shipping modules / options.
    • If there is no shipping method available then relevant message is shown, consumer is advised to contact the shop owner.  
  • Front end - Checkout
    • Partially redone all checkout computation related with new area - [Global discount modules]. Here will be added more global discounts (points and value based)
    • for Pay by credit card - allow to add full message not only phone number to call
  • Meta data (SEO) not generated correct for categories and brands - bug generated by version 1.2.6 database alteration - fixed
  • Admin - Shop configuration -> Currencies -> set wait message and automatic data refresh when "Update rates" - It was  no message, operation may take longer and shop owner did not know what is happening.
  • Admin - access level - a not in use access level was not possible to be deleted - fixed
  • Admin - product variant  listing - if product has TAX in listing was shown RRP price was ex GST - fixed
  • Configuration - Currencies -> reload automatically page when  update rates and add/delete a base currency
  • Add currencies Id in Admin Currencies - this ID is still needed in Shop configuration where drop down currencies list names is not available
  • Admin - Configuration- Websites : State and Currencies labels were mixed up - fixed.
  • Checkout - Notes area - take out "save/undo" - make it the same like all My account area as behaviour.

1.2.7 / 20 Dec (rollout)


  1. Allow Admin setup how products has to be listed when user / admin select a category:
  • Show only products that are into that category (direct assigned)
  • Show products that are assigned to that category and all its subcategories


  •  there are distinct settings for admin and frontend
  • System allow a category to have assigned subcategories and products
  1. Product listing -> allow search by code in Admin area
  2. Search be code-> allow the word "code" to be not case sensitive. (Mobile device use to capitalise)  -Admin and front end
  3. Brands - admin -> allow to input meta tags for SEO
  4. Categories -admin
  • allow to input meta tags for SEO
  • allow assign image two images : one to be shown in product listing and one to be shown in top  icons bar (if that bar is enabled from admin)
  • allow write HTML formatted description (fully WYSIWYG editor)
  1. Create top bar - quick access to specific categories - what will be shown in this bar is set from every single category (admin)
  2. Items stock control and keep orders content under control:
  • Allow admin to select from Settings area all messages shown to user and related with "keep under control" the stock at variant level. 
  • [Cancel] & [Refund] are not reversible. On cancel or refund status you can choose to apply "restock". As long as items are still into website stock will be updated. You can change these two status with no restock. 


  1. Price update - include in sample details about inc./ex. TAX
  2. Direct deposit and Westpac payment gateways - database content
  3. Settings->Websites - time zone was not stored
  4. Admin - products details:
  • when upload product image always set new image as "main" - fixed
  • when upload image and this is the first one - set up main automatically
  1. Bulk discount TAB in product details was not showing correct content if product has multiple variants with bulk discount
  2. On submit an order the order date was date when the first item was added to cart (order), fixed to be date when consumer click on [Confirm order]

1.2.6 / 13 Dec (rollout)


  • Renamed the url:  /olalashop-account to /my-account
  • Add Pinterest to email header and website footer (configurable from Admin->Settings
  • Checkout, addresses -> change button name [Change] to [Update address]
  • On "Create new product" - "stock related fields" are automatically populated from default setting from [Settings warehouse]
  • Added email notification fully customisable for change order status and tracking shipping for orders (admin and my account)
  • Added "CC by the phone" as payment method
  • Allow customisation of payment method text shown in checkout for PayPal and pay by cc by phone (add text)
  • Product listing: show products not assigned to any category, that has not a brand assigned
  • Product listing: search by code: product and supplier


  • Do not allow browser to cache any page in : my account, cart and checkout (stop any error generated by upgrades applied to website). When a new version is applied - all js and css files are forced to be load from server
  • Implement "check valid addresses on order submission" - fix: even user has cached page and even they have basic issues with JavaScript order  is NOT submitted if any of addresses is not filled in correct.
  • [Order no] replaced the [order ID] in email subject: consumer & shop owner. It is included into pdf file name.
  • Take out temporary the "autocomplete search" in all areas where "brose files" where included -> files with names that contain ' and " broke that area. -> HAS to be fixed properly next versions.
  • Make resources with "consumer level access" visible to  [not logged in] users
  • Spelling mistake: [All type] ->  [All types]
  • Consistency: [File & Images] replaced with [Files and images]
  • Resource (Product details): file size: Size: Size: -> file size: Size:
  • Checkout - consumer note - delete default text "street address" in input box  
  • Checkout - any address change will  unselect any selected billing method - sometimes billing method shown selected even into database was not -> false error. This action empty the error message area as well.
  • Price update - display 2 digits after decimal point  (all prices were rounded to integer)
  • Sign in, Signup areas: Icon "!" changed when fill in fields
  • Top pdf image (company logo) - allow to setup specific  image for this area to fit perfect into that area. It was website logo
  • Generate order pdf - in specific circumstances the pdf was not generated because product images could not be located on server - fixed it.
  • My account: Profile and Addresses was not working properly on mobile (error generated by previous upgrade).

Simplified and made it to behave correct.

  • Admin and front end  - product listing: a product assigned to multiple categories was show in the first category only. Fixed.

1.2.4 / 07 Dec (rollout)

  • Improvements:
    • Clear specify on checkout that PayPal payment gateway accept CC, no need PayPal account to pay
    • My account addresses - made aware consumers what fields are mandatory in order to submit an order
    • Checkout - does not allow order submission if shipping and billing does not have:
      • Full name
      • Street address
      • City/suburb
      • State/District
      • Postcode
      • Country
    • Made [order no] independent of order record ID -> orders will be in sequence: 1,2,3 and so on. Applied to order details, listing and pdf in admin and front end
    • Settings->Prices level - easier to use and resilient to human error on adding new price levels
  • Finalised
    • Admin area "Tools -> Import"
      •  Brands
      • Products
      • Customers
    • Admin area "Tools -> Update"
      • Prices
      • Stock
      • Sizes/Weight
  • Fixed bugs:
    • not shown address street line#1 and full name in order details and order pdf
    • show summary shopping card and not detailed shopping cart content in checkout
    • Spelling keyord -> keywords
    • Spelling asigned -> assigned
    • Order - PDF generator ->  allow images with spaces into image file name.

1.2.3 / 06 Dec (rollout)

New modules / areas:

  • Bulk Import Customers
  • Brands / Manufacturers

1.2.2 / 03 Dec (rollout)

Improve user experience:

  • Login, signup, application, lost password, change password -> navigation with tab key and submit from with Enter key
  • Clear specify which fields are mandatory
  • Show / Hide password entered - easier to use
  • My Account : Profile, Password & addresses -> navigation with tab key edit/save field content with buttons and go into/get out from any field (all extremely fluid)

1.2.1 / 28 Nov (rollout)

New functionalities / improvements

  • Make settings safe for admins/ allow changes for me
  • Made all main listings to be consistent (as layout and functionality): orders, categories, brands, categories, options, files
  • Added to all above the [Enter key] functionality – made far more convenient for user.
  • Make all about adding variants (myob records). admin can even add new options to a product and create new variants or have add variants in “free style” direct to a product.

Moved options "Check/Fix products" under Tools area

1.2 / 24 Nov (start rollout with one client)

New functionalities / improvements (started - partial implemented)

  • Import, Update, Code check areas
  • Make settings safe for admins/ allow changes for me
  • Show payment methods in checkout only they are enabled
  • Direct debit - domestic - do not show overseas bank details

1.1.1 / 16 Nov

Basic ecommerce website is working decently.
Checked and multiple fixes in:

  • Products: Description, price level, access level, variants
  • Categories
  • PayPal standard payment gateway
  • Aust Post shipping

1.1 / 13 Nov

Work in progress on products area (front end and admin) to implement:

  • Price levels
  • Break down by quantities
  • All other related areas
  • Layout (changes)

1.0 / 02 Oct (Initial release)

Finalised very basic functionality and layout after 9 months of work.

OLALA Shopping Cart is on the internet, visible to public for the very first time on one of our domains.

Prior 1.0 / 03 Jan - 01 Oct

Build this system from scratch based on 6 years of customising eCommerce CMSs for our clients