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OLALA Shopping cart, Ecommerce platform version - The Power of Simplicity

It was build based on all requests we received and implemented, from all our customers since 2009. Few of them are warehouses in Sydney area and one of them is supplier for government departments and military organisation worldwide.

This version includes absolutely of features of a simple online shop (Online Shop version). On top it includes more.

Main features included:

  • Resellers / Distributors management (map & details)
  • Full featured: newsletter system, announcements, global discounts, sliders and tools (OLALA Cart Intelli-sense)
  • Users types, multiple access levels & prices levels
  • Easy bulk update, import and even connectors to accounting system
  • For Au & NZ, import orders into MYOB via the MYOBWebLink "TM" windows application

Multiple price levels

Online Store

Example resellers, distributors, etc.

In production since 2016

Any user who use your website as a guest or any user who have not assigned a special price level will be able to buy products at retail price.

Price levels allows specific users to buy the same products cheaper. Who are these users and how cheap? You decide.

Multiple access level

Online Store

Example gov/military access levels

In production since 2016

Any user who use your website as a guest or any user who have not assigned a special access level will see all objects (products & attachments) that have assigned consumer access level.

Access levels allows specific users to see more objects (products & attachments) for example detailed technical specifications. Who are these users and what they can see? You decide.

Bulk import & update

Online Store

Example update over 2,000 products

In production since 2016

Import data when you transfer your online shop from one system to us the most time consuming process is to get into new system all products and customers data.

The second most wanted feature requested is to have updated prices and stock automatically (if possible) & on regular basis or on demand
OLALA Shopping Cart has both above implemented by default.

MYOB Web Link app

Online Store

Applicable for AU and NZ

In production since 2016

This is the cherry on top. OLALA Shopping Cart allows you to keep in sync customers from website(s) and MYOB

It allows you to import orders from website into MYOB with a click of mouse.

You can use it to create a customer into MYOB and website, next version will include keep items in sync.

OLALA Shopping Cart "TM" is a proprietary software created and maintained by OLALA Agency.
Once you bought it you have the right to use it as long as you wish.

  • Hosted with us in our infrastructure in Amazon cloud: Sydney, Virginia or Frankfurt
    Your product will be setup quick, from 10 minute to 2 hours and you will get all details by email.
    After payment is confirmed will organise all as smooth as possible for you.

    Hosting costs - Standard plan

    Price: $95/mo.
    SSD space: 4GBb
    Traffic allowed: Unlimited
    Email addresses: 50
    Uptime guaranteed: 99.99% as per Amazon cloud agreement but in reality your online shop will never go down
    Full account backup in Amazon AWS, USA every day is included.
    Support by email, phone & Skype, 24x7: One hour/month
  • Hosted with your hosting provider
    This option will be avilable by the end of 2017.
    Aftre payment is confirmed, you will get access to download your software (zip file) and you will receive by email detailed setup instructions
    OLALA Shoping Cart is an website running on Linux, Apache/PHP/MYSQL server.
    How to check if is supported? Just ask your provider if you can install on his space Wordpress or Magento. If answer is YES then all is okay.
    Getting it running is on you, any request you may have may be charged.

We continuously develop this system at no extra cost for all our customers. See development road.
Main features scheduled to be available in weeks to months:

  • Product types: embroidery, custom made (made to measure), packages
  • Super easy ordering system that include but it is not limited to "order in future", quote system
  • Ability to send multiple orders to multiple providers based on specific business logic implement by the shop owner.
  • Redeem points and spare parts systems

Just now we have available only one layout "Classic". See our demo.
You can change it quick: logo, colours, appearance (what & how details are presented in home page) basic functionalities such as: applications and resellers page/map.