Who we are

In 2009, as huge majority of development companies we use eCommerce CMSs (ZenCart mostly but not limited to it).
Main challenges were to integrate their business model into the logic of these free Carts software and we always did it installing and customising free community modules/add-ons/plugins.
Problems started when all we used start to receive upgrade and most of the time something stop working properly. Direct result: we not happy because must fix and clients unhappy because we ask for money. That was the moment when we decided to have all under control and start building the OLALA Shopping Cart.

We have years of experience working with business owners to build their ecommerce platform and solving real life problems.
The main challenges were to integrate their business model into their websites.
On the other hand, their websites had to be easy to use by their customers and intuitive.
Quick websites and SEO friendly were another requirement.
After a while, the need to have mobile friendly websites was another challenge.
And at last, but not least, it appears another problem: the technology advanced so quick over years, that the websites required refreshing after refreshing. This was the moment we needed to find the way to keep our clients happy. So we came with the idea of building and maintaining a single core which will be customized on each client, but will be maintained by us.

Today the OLALA Shopping Cart is implemented in production with success for almost one year.
We already have extended our market in United States and in the very future we will expand in Europe through Italy and Romania for starting.

Our clients are happy with the simplicity OLALA Shopping Cart operates. Very complex problems we find the way to transform them in simple and intuitive operations. Also the development cost is coming at a fraction of price and their websites use the newest technologies. And on top of everything new ideas and tools are available to them at clicks of mouse.

We highly focus very much on security side. To be able to provide a high level of security we applied step by step all necessary procedures:

  • At product level we do the best we can to keep it safe and secure - coding level
  • All our clients have their website on our infrastructure (instances) located in Amazon cloud and access to management area or to any instance core is based on private access key (2048 Bits encryption) and static IP restriction
  • On top of what Amazon cloud provide (port/service based access level and basic DDOS protection attacks) every instance has its own firewall; port/service access lists and more sophisticated protection procedure. Software used is paid - subscription base from security solution provides
  • Our development area is behind Checkpoint appliance - paid subscription as well, all our computers used have installed only paid software and another total protection.
  • All access passwords have extremely high level of complexity and are securely stored using special designed software

We continuously develop OLALA Shopping Cart to keep it the best shopping cart available. It is our passion to create software real business proof, to make it work and be easy to use
The OLALA Shopping Cart comes in two versions: one dedicated for small businesses and one dedicated for warehouses and distribution channels. From basic ecommerce to very complex and robust platform. The big advantage is that everybody has room to grow with a scalable, powerful and trustable solution.
Everything is well documented to make it addictive easy to use: you have documentations, you have how to, you have illustrations, you have videos tutorials... and ultimately you have us.
On top of all the OLALA Cart is intuitive and uses Inteli-sense (automatically perform certain tasks for you and do not allow you to do mistakes). The user will not be able to broke the database by doing mistakes. It is truly business proof and is heavily used in production.

To make it smooth and effortless for our customers, we provide the complete web services: from lowest annual prices for domain name registration and fast DNS propagation to cost effective hosting in amazon cloud for maximum reliability and security.
In addition to this, we and our partners will help you if you need somebody else to add the products into your ecommerce or with artworks for banners or to manage your online advertising campaigns. We have you cover from all aspects of your online business. Just contact us for a quote.

Apollo Australia Pty Ltd

Manufacturer & warehouse for underwater and scuba equipment (worldwide network distribution). We work for this company since 2010 and we have developed many websites.
It is far the most challenging of our clients and based on his request we implemented most wanted features of an ecommerce platform. Below are just a very few of them:

  • Control stock at attribute level
  • Bulk update prices and stock from csv file
  • Product type: custom made & advanced packages (buy specific quantity from specific range of products and a specific quantity free or discounted or just a discount value / percent)
  • Reward points program
  • Global discounts program
  • Spare parts management with "clickable area" on image to order, full control over it from admin area
  • Sophisticated Warranty and Repairs (RGA) system that allows dealers to place RGA in name of their customers and track everything (automated reminders based on warranty period)
  • Easy ordering system that includes quote system, split orders for myob based on stock availability
  • Access level and price level that allow granular access over every single dealer prices and moer than this allow to motivate at order and product level - allow discounts in $, percent and give away points
  • Split any order and send multiple orders to as many suppliers is necessary and suppliers may send goods direct to final destination (the consumer/dealer) according with his prices
  • Manage orders and customers from a Windows desktop application and import orders into MYOB with a click of mouse
  • Custom newsletter system that allows sending notifications / emails to a specific group of users (level of price, access level) or to custom created group of recipients not mandatory users of the website

The new apollomilitary.com is running powered by OLALA Shopping Cart, the new gearkeeper.com.au is in "loading data/approval" status
By middle of 2018 this may be the firts impelemnation of multi-websites and multi-warehouse in diferent geo locations (Asia, Asia pcific, USA and Europe)


Websites above were build before 2016 and now, you may not find every single one running on the interenet.

Seatec Aquasuits Pty Ltd

Manufacturer in Seven Hills (NSW). This was challenging as well because of very special types of products he want to sell online

  • Second implementation (enhanced) for made to measure products (dry/wet / racing suits)
  • A product /item can be included in other product but they actually cannot be always sold separately
  • Variable product price based on other parameters that size, colour etc.
  • Responsive website - "2013 style"

The new BubbaDucks.com.au is running powered by OLALA Shopping Cart.


Websites above were build before 2016 and now, you may not find every single one running on the interenet.

Orthologix Pty Ltd

Busy warehouse in Sydney area

  • The second 100% working and production proof implementation for price levels in a warehouse
  • The first payment gateway impelmentation for an Australian bank
  • The second 100% production implementation for control stock at variant level - our own module for ZenCart

The new Orthologix.com.au is running powered by OLALA Shopping Cart


WokSafe Apparel Pty Ltd

As a growing business this company decided to go to next level and automate the process of distributing their products the a chain of Corporate clients. The way they work was totally different from a classic aarehouse model - Resellers / Distributors network. extremely complex project.

  • Very short: any order placed by a member of an organisation has to be approved by a Corporate then Coroprate place the the order
  • Notifications have to be always sent to right destinations, items ordered has to get right destinations and payments have to be under control
  • For the first time we included Embroidery product type. Huge influence over ordering system because it involves a second supplier.

The new WorkSafeApparel.com.au is running powered by OLALA Shopping Cart


BlueOnline Pty Ltd

This was the first time when we implemented responsive template as it was in 2010, phone gap technology and shop on Facebook (Facebook app)

The business owner had website done oversees and was painful to communicate and get right results from that company.

Challenges we have to solve and implement

  • Responsive template, the same product database feed: "desktop" website mobile application (iPad/iPhone like devices) and the Facebook shop application
  • Automatically feeders for a bunch of website "get price right" alike
  • Fully PayPal standard and express integration
  • Tonner search module based on printer model and manufacturer
  • Stock, price levels (resellers) and access level at attribute level - the very first implementation.

Websites above were build before 2016 and now, you may not find every single one running on the interenet.

OzPlus Trading Pty Ltd

The business owner have with us at a point of time 5 websites from which three were simple online shops

It was for the first time when we build an ecommerce websites in two languages (at that time Google translate was not so used and all buttons were graphics)
Basically the main challenge was to use the same products database with multiple layouts each of them corresponding to a specific language

The new ozplus.com is running powered by OLALA Shopping Cart.


Websites above were build before 2016 and now, you may not find every single one running on the interenet.


Online shop for guns and guns accessories and services

The business owner came to us because he was tired of having his website most of the time down
Even at that time we have quite secure VPS for our clients (as secure can be a VPS hosted in a normal datacentre as it was in 2010)

We solve his "website down problem (rebuild his website) and add more functionalities related Australian lows related with his business ad not only:

  • Validate purchase in two steps
  • Advanced order/customer tracking and data available for download
  • Price level in a very primitive format
  • Shipping discounts

Websites above were build before 2016 and now, you may not find every single one running on the interenet.

Many other ecommerce websites

NaturalCandels - candels
simple online shop
PetsAvenue - pets industry
simple online shop
Mopz - cleaning industry
one product online shop
IcielaEcho - organic products
simple online shop
Sydney Paintings
simple online shop
Plant Rescue - plants
simple online shop
WaterOpsDirect - militarty eq.
simple online shop
Tools4Heights - construction
simple online shop
digital goods shop
Sydney Wedding Blooms - flowers
simple online shop
StitchNZ - custom DealOfDay
simple online shop
TVN Corporation - custom cart
simple online shop

...and more for wich we have not any screenshoot: appliances, paintings, aboriginal art, downloadable music.

Above are very old and now you may not find every single one running on the interenet as shown in screen shots.