OLALA Shopping Cart is used in production by warehouses and simple online shops since November 2016.

  • Ecommerce platform for warehouse, level of prices, access levels, distributors, govt. & military
  • Ecommerce platform for warehouse, level of prices, access levels
  • Ecommerce platform for warehouse, level of prices, access levels (behaves as simple shop for consumers)
  • Simple Online shop with addons, level of prices, variable product code, embroidery product type
  • Simple Online shop, tax payer, level of prices
  • Simple Online shop, tax payer
  • Simple Online shop
  • Simple Online shop, products presentation. Only request quote, "buy" function not enabled.

You will have in hours your online shop in Amazon cloud and not only an accont on a plaform.

Out of box OLALA Shopping Cart "TM" can be delivered in two configurations:

  • Online shop for small business that need just to manage products, customers and orders
  • Warehouse ecommerce solution, it includes level of prices, level of access, users type, products types and far more.

This shopping cart is extremely flexible allowing you to enable or disable features in seconds with click of mouse.
We guaranty 99.99% uptime and unlimited traffic if hosted on our Amazon cloud infrastructure in: Sydney, Virginia or Frankfurt.

New business & small business


Addictive Easy to Use

All is as simple as create at least one category, add products (price, description) and start selling

Main features

  • Product, Categories, Options (such as size, colour), Promotions, Orders management
  • One warehouse, One office
  • All website users are ordinary consumers
  • Stock control is disabled (can be enabled with a click of mouse)
  • Sliders, Announcements, Newsletter and other marketing tools
  • Multiple prices, access levels, products and users type are disabled

Default layout is the one from demo website. You can change it in less than 5 minutes: logo, colours and appearance (what & how details are presented in home page)

Warehouses and Resellers platforms


The Power of Simplicity

It includes all our experience in building ecommerce websites since 2009 (Sydney area)

Main features

  • Product, Categories, Options (such as size, colour), Promotions, Orders management
  • Multiple warehouses, offices and base currencies (listing and map)
  • Multiple website users (consumers, resellers or military), prices, access levels
  • Sliders, announcements, newsletter and more marketing tools
  • Stock control per warehouse per product variant(s), soon bar code generator
  • Bulk update products: prices, stock, sizes & weight (can be setup to run in automate mode / daily)
  • For Au & NZ, import orders into MYOB via the MYOBWebLink "TM" windows application

Default layout is the one from demo website. You can change it quick: logo, colours, appearance (what & how details are presented in home page) and basic functionality such as military/resellers applications and resellers page/map.

OLALA Shopping includes into its core an intelli-sense system that updates/creates, checks all data, automatically fix possible issue (prices, stock, codes, access levels etc.) and generate reports. Human intervention may be required to fix some of them, for example duplicated products code or price ZERO. This process can be fired on demand as well anytime from admin area.

OLALA Shopping Cart was built to full fill possible requirement but, first of all, to be Easy to Use.

Our main target is to help you to help you to have your website live as soon as possible in a professional way and without any other stress except that you must choose your log and preferred colours for your online shop.

Our commitment

If you need any kind of help in setting up your shop, we are here (Australia and USA) 24x7 until you get it running.

Does not matter if it is about a corporate web system or a small online shop we do all: apply the template you ask fits to you, do the best search engine optimisation and load it with products at your choice (images, content & SEO).
If applicable we setup your website in Google (analytic and webmaster tools) and Microsoft (webmaster tool).

  • Proactive failure detection. We fix problems before they occur. Your system never down.
  • Possible data inconistency are automatically fixed.
  • Administrative area is very well organised. It's a pleasure to use it.

Have it hosted by us - "website down" is history.

We are using top providers clouds since 2015 and in 2016 the OLALA Agency infrastructure was moved to Amazon - on "reserved" and "on demand" instances.
Since then we never had systems down or slowed down because of load. We can replace any instance in less than 30 minutes (it's a routine).

OLALA Shopping Cart is running by default on Amazon cloud. System is scalable to anything in minutes and more important, we can adjust your expenses based on predicted system load.

Well organised and fluid - you focus on your business

OLALA Shopping Cart is designed for those who want to make money using an online shop without any stress. We take on us all from setting up the website to making it to always run smooth.
At the same time you will have the freedom of an open source and security of an multi-shop platform.

If you will ever need a new functionality or behaviour changed, then you will have it implemented at no extra cost. Just ASK!
Costs may occur if your request is complex and you want it "just now".