OLALAShopping cart.
You will have in days a perfect online shop not just an interface for you to create an website.

Out of box OLALAShopping cart can be used by anyone who want to sell online; from home users who try to start an online business with a few products to companies with resellers network that sell from multiple warehouses spread across the world.

Is your company military or government supplier? You are in the right place. OLALAShopping cart runs on Amazon, the most trusting and secure cloud and it has implemented granular access levels by default.

Unleash your potential. OLALAShopping cart is everything you need to sell online from product presentation to marketing and promotion tools.


OLALAShoping cart - easy to use

All is as simple as create at least one category, add products (price, description) and start selling

We will ask you easy / simple questions about your business and how you wish to use the website for example: are you tax payer, are you suing brands, do you wish to start selling or just to get quotation requests.
We will ask about your preferred colour, logo and in one or two days you get all done.

If you need any help about template we are here to help you. Have you no logo or need to start branding your business? We will do it, click here see what we do since 2009.

OLALAShopping cart - complex in behind

We built OLALAShoping cart based on more than 5 years of experience in building ecommerce websites for two big warehouses in Sydney area.

The most requested featured were:
- multiple level of price (at least 5 excluding retail price)
- multiple level of access
- stock control per product attribute / variant
- bulk stock and price update on regular basis from MYOB

We added on top many goodies that will make life easier to any company such as: multiple base currencies, multiple warehouses, bulk import, sell ex-factory and far more.

OLALAShopping cart
The best shopping cart you can get.

Our main target is to help you to help you to have your website live as soon as possible in a professional way.
Does not matter if it is about a corporate web system or a small online shop we do all: apply the template you ask fits to you, do the best search engine optimisation and load it with 5 products at your choice (images, content & SEO).

System creates / updates shop sitemaps every day or on demand. We setup your website in Google (analytic and webmaster tools) and Microsoft webmaster tool; an account will be setup in your behalf on both platforms if applicable.


Multiple price levels

Any user who use your website as a guest or any user who have not assigned a special price level will be able to buy products at retail price.
Price levels allows specific users to buy the same products cheaper. Who are these users and how cheap? You decide.

Multiple access level

Any user who use your website as a guest or any user who have not assigned a special access level will see all objects (products & attachments) that have have assigned consumer access level.
Access levels allows specific users to see more objects (products & attachments) for example detailed technical specifications. Who are these users and what they can see? You decide.

Bulk import & update

When you jump from one system to another the most time consuming process is to get into new system all products and customers data.
The second most wanted feature requested is to have updated prices and stock automatically (if possible) & on regular basis or on demand
OLALAShoping cart has both above implemented by default.

MYOB Web Link application

This is the cherry on top. OLALAShopping cart allows you to keep in sync customers from website(s) and MYOB
It allows you to import orders from website into MYOB with a click of mouse.
You can use it to create a customer into MYOB and website, next version will include keep items in sync.

OLALAShopping cart
You will forget about website is down or sometimes to slow.

We are using top providers clouds since 2015 and in 2016 the OLALA Agency infrastructure was moved to Amazon - on reserved and "on demand" instances.
Since then we never had systems down or slowed down because of load. We always have in stand by an on demand instance (VPS) ready to take any load or replace a faulty instance in less than 30 minutes.

Forget about "website is down" and fixed hosting expenses. OLALAShopping cart is running by default on Amazon cloud, scalable to anything in minutes and more important you can adjust your expenses based on predicted system load.


OLALAShoping cart vs Open source cart

Using any open source shopping cart you must agree that SERVICE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND YOU USE IT AT YOUR SOLE RISK

The fact is that being an open source all code is available in clear to anybody and from time to time someone find a way and hack into many websites that run using that open source cart.
Even if developers will make available a security patch/upgrade all system hacked into are compromised (backdoors that will allows others to access the shop in future)

An open source cart does not come with all modules may need. You will install for example a price by attribute or a shipping module or a sharing product on social media etc. These are coming free of charge but most of them are marketing tools for those who develop them.
It means many details about what is happening on your website will go to them. Details may not be relevant but your website will be slower because it will connect to many other websites.

OlalaShopping vs Multi-shop platforms

Any multi-shop / cloud shopping cart is in most cases a system that is running for many years and got its maturity.
Having your online shop there you will be happy as long as you stay into system frame.
If you will need extra functionality then you will need to upgrade your subscription (if that functionality is already implemented) or to forget about it.

All multi-shop / cloud ecommerce solutions will charge you based on transitions:
- financial transactions (percent of value orders processed, does not matter what payment gateways you use) - processor time transactions (estimated or real time)

Above charges are on top of a basic subscription that in most cases starts with $$/mo and does standard support.
To have 24x7 real technical support you will need to upgrade your subscription or buy hours of support on demand ($$$ to $$$$).

OLALAShopping cart
Allows you to focus on your business (logic) and not on creating/maintaining an website.

OLALAShopping cart is designed for those who want to make money using an online shop without any stress. We take on us all from setting up the website to making it to always run smooth.
At the same time you will have the freedom of an open source and security of an multi-shop platform.

If you ever will need a new functionality then you will have it implemented. Just ask.